Insulating PC Housing or Server Racks

What is the problem?
Nowadays, computers almost ceased to cause noise problems, unless they are located in a room where it is quiet. This is different for servers, which are often placed in a server rack, causing a lot of nuisance because of the fans. The nuisance of this noise problem mainly consists of airborne noise, but in light server racks contact noise from the hard disks and fans can also cause problems. 

If the computer or server is placed on a wooden floor, there is usually contact noise. In this case resonance from the equipment can be clearly noticed as a hum. Placing the equipment on pieces of Regufoam solves also this problem.

Insulating PC case and server racks

Insulating PC case
A PC is case made of a thin sheet material such as steel or aluminum. These materials are too light to stop the noise and vibrations coming from hard disks or fans. By equipping all surfaces of the PC case with anti-drumming mats vibrations in the case are insulated and radiates less noise. Subsequently, apply absorption material on top of the anti-drumming to reduce airborne noise. We recommend Flamex Basic because of its properties, such as fire safety, low thickness and excellent absorption.

Insulating server racks
ICT furniture (server racks) often does not have enough space inside to fit absorption or anti-drumming materials. Server racks are usually constructed from thin sheet steel walls containing space for computer and server equipment. These walls resonate easily and allow sound to pass through. Equip this sheet material with anti-drumming such as Vibraflex UF50 (5 kg/m²) for large projects, or Vibraflex Normal for small cases and server racks. Behind the server rack you install a sound absorber such as Flamex Basic, at least 40 mm thick, in order for airborne noise to be absorbed.

Step-by-step plan
View our tips page for more information about isolating servers and computers.

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How to insulate PC cases and server racks
See our guideline on our tips page about PC case and server insulation. All the information you need about acoustic solutions in- and around your home you can find on our Tips & Tricks page. Need advise? Just let us know by sending an email.