Floor Insulation for Instruments

Floor insulation for instruments Piano Akoestiek
We provide multiple solutions and products to insulate impact noise from acoustical instruments. Most common instrument is a drum kit, impact noise from bass drum and hi-hat pedal. Secondly, the piano or grand piano, this instrument also produces some form of impact noise, or contact noise, that can become audible in adjacent rooms or neighbours. 

For both instruments we have written multiple guidelines to reduce or solve these noise problems. To understand which guideline or product is best for your situation we first need to know what is causing the noise problem. Noise problems can consist of airborne noise or impact noise, it is up to you to find out what is causing the problem, we will explain what = what. 

What is airborne noise?
These are the sounds produced by a source that causes the nuisance. Sound sources that generate airborne noise are televisions, radios, various appliances, traffic and voices. A room with a lot of reverberation also causes more nuisance to adjacent rooms or neighbours. Good acoustics will reduce the noise problem and music sounds better. The solution for reducing reverberation can be found on the tips page "Reverb in your Home?". 

What is impact noise?
Contact noise or impact noise is the distribution of vibrations in solid matter. The best example for this page is kicking the bass drum pedal which sets the floor in motion, and potentially the neighbours ceiling downstairs. In this case the pedal is a source of impact noise. To insulate impact noise for instruments we have piano dampers, subfloor insulation and vibration insulating for a drum riser.

Step-by-step guides
On the tips page you can find guidelines and solutions for:

Floor insulation for instruments


How to insulate a floor for acoustic instruments
All the information you need about acoustic solutions in- and around your home you can find on our Tips & Tricks page. Need advise? Just let us know by sending an email.