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Isomat KE Fiber

Sound-insulating mat

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Isomat KE Fiber is a sound-insulating mat of 1x1 metre for insulating light constructions such as wooden floors, plasterboard and system walls and roof (dormer loft) constructions in homes. Isomat KE Fiber is the ideal for the insulation of wooden subfloors to reduce airborne noise, quickly installed due to the large dimensions and practical due to the small thickness of the mat. Available in two thickness/weight classes and easy to bond because of the the jute fiber backing.

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Variant SKU Dimensions (mm) Color Price incl. tax Stock Qty m2
8 kg/m² W0250 1000 x 500 x 3 Black
£45.48 £27.00
144 pcs
14kg/m² W0251 1000 x 500 x 5 Black
£73.09 £43.86
280 pcs
(excl. tax: £0.00)
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What it is and does:
Isomat KE Fiber is a sound insulation mat to insulate airborne noise in buldings. Isomat KE Fiber has a jute fiber backing, which makes it easier to bond the mat. Isomat increases the mass of a wooden subfloor or light and thin walls, which drastically increases the sound insulation. In most cases, at least 8 dB(A) attenuation is already achieved with this mat without additional measures. This is often experienced as halving the noise level. Isomat is a hard and heavy mat, this product does not compress.

Isomat KE Fiber has been developed for insulating light constructions such as wooden floors and walls. This insulating mat can be used, among other things, as a sound-insulating subfloor under floor covering directly on the wooden supporting floor. More applications:

  • Roof insulation
    Isomat KE14 is also suitable as acoustic insulation against the roof boarding to reduce outdoor noise such as traffic noise. The step-by-step plan for insulating the roof boarding can be found on the tips page " Sound insulation for your roof ".
  • Dormer loft, dormer window
    Isomat KE Fiber is, in common with use on roof decking, also used as sound insulation in dormers. These constructions also consists of lightweight materials, plywood or plasterboard, that doesn't insulate much noise. More information about insulating the dormer window can be found on the tips page " insulating the dormer room".
  • Wooden subfloor
    Wooden subfloor is also a very light structure that does not insulate noise that well. Isomat KE is ideal to soundproof floors in older houses. By providing a wooden floor with Isomat KE14, the floor becomes heavier and the insulation value increases. The complete guide on soundproofing a wooden floor can be found on our tips page "how to insulate a wooden subfloor".

Isomat KE Fiber is a recycled product made from a polymer supplemented with various fillers. It's a heavy, but also thin mat that takes up little space.  Isomat can also be used as the core of a sandwich construction between two layers of wood or plasterboard. This makes simple plaster walls and ceilings suitable for functioning as well insulating constructions. The greatest reductions are obtained if the substrate on which Isomat is applied is not heavier than the insulation board itself. The higher the mass of the construction, the higher the insulation value. 

Assembly Tips
Isomat is easy to cut to size with a hobby or box cutter. Cut into the material several times and snap the panel along the cut. Gluing Isomat to wood or plasterboard is done with Stauf paste adhesive. The consumption is approximately 3.5 kg per 6 m². Gluing on a moisture-proof surface such as lacquered wood, plastic, aluminium or steel is done with a contact adhesive such as Saba. Provide adequate ventilation when using contact adhesives.

Due to the weight of the panel, vertical panels must be secured with, for example screws and washers or felt nails. If you are making a sandwich construction of plasterboard Isomat plasterboard (or plywood), you screw all parts to a wooden frame.

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Length 1000
Width 1000
Description Plate
Color Dark gray

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