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Regufoam Damper Pads

Vibration dampers, set of 4 dampers

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Regufoam Damper Pads, a universal vibration damper set for isolating impact noise from household appliances such as an air conditioner, washing machine, dryer, loudspeakers or pumps. With the Regufoam Damper Pads you can decouple various sources of impact noise.

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Set van 4 M0048 156 x 156 x 25 Purple
43 pcs
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What it is and does:
Vibrations from household appliances can be spread easily, especially by light constructions and cause a noise problem, contact noise. These dampers decouple a equipment or machines from the foundations (the structure). The set of dampers consists of four blocks of vibration isolation of the type Regufoam D220. Regufoam is hydrolysis-resistant and rot-resistant. One set consists of four blocks of 156 x 156 x 25 mm.

The Regufoam Damper Pads is ideally suited to decoupling mobile air conditioners, washing machines, dryers and fitness equipment including treadmills and hometrainers.

  • Washing machine
    The dampers are designed for an average washing machine of 1600 rpm and a weight of about 100 kg (loaded machine) on a concrete floor. The dampers can also be used on a wooden floor, but do not use the dampers if the machine is shaking violently! The dampers are resilient and can amplify the shaking which can result in the drum rubbing against the housing. Using the dampers in case of heavy shaking machinery is at your own risk. Always run a short program first to test whether everything stands correctly and do not use the dampers under stacked machines, such as a dryer on top of the washing machine. When used on wooden construction floors, the washing machine may shake. Stop the machine immediately! The pressure on the dampers is too low, first place a heavy (concrete) slab on the dampers and put the washing machine on it.
  • Treadmill
    For isolating vibrations from a treadmill we have a tips page called "The treadmill as a noise problem".
  • Exercise bike
    For isolating the exercise bike, see the tips page "Isolating the home trainer ".
  • Fitness equipment
    We also have a tips page for insulating fitness equipment "Vibration isolation for fitness equipment ".

Processing tips

  • Place the dampers on the floor/surface and place a sturdy sheet on top, for example plywood approx. 8 mm thick, which does not bend. The sheet should be the same width and length as the appliance. Do not let the dampers project under the sheet. The dampers can optionally be bonded to a sheet with construction adhesive.
  • Always make sure that the appliance is level and stable, so that it cannot vibrate off the sheet and/or tiles.

Vibration isolation for heavy equipment and machines
Do you have a noise problem with an industrial machine or a specific application? Please contact us. Based on the specified specifications, we can make a calculation for the correct type of Regufoam. More information about Regufoam can be found on the tips page "What is Regufoam?".

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Length 156
Width 156
Height 25
Description Set

Akoestiekwinkel is part of Merford, which has specialized in sound and noise control in construction and industry for over 35 years. By listening to our customers' problems, together with our years of expertise, we can provide the right advice for controlling noise in vehicles, boats and yachts, homes and studios. On our website we share this knowledge and guide you to the right solution.

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