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Vibration isolation foam

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Regufoam Vibration Insulation is an elastic, high-quality polyurethane foam foam product isolate sources that produces contact noise or impact noise.  With Regufoam Vibration Insulation you can decouple and isolate equipment such as generators, compressors, pumps or pump units, as well as to reduce vibration from loudspeakers and subwoofers. Regufoam also ideal to isolate impact noise from fitness equipment such as a treadmill or hometrainer exercise bike.

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Variant SKU Dimensions (mm) Color Price incl. tax Stock Qty m2
D150/12 M0714 500 x 250 x 12 Green
23 pcs
D150/25 M0715 500 x 250 x 25 Green
33 pcs
D220/12 M0716 500 x 250 x 12 Purple
16 pcs
D300/25 M0719 500 x 250 x 25 Purple
32 pcs
D300/12 M0717 500 x 250 x 12 Dark grey
14 pcs
D300/25 M0718 500 x 250 x 25 Dark grey
18 pcs
D400/12 M0451 500 x 250 x 12 Grey
6 pcs
(excl. tax: £0.00)

Suitable for:
Insulating vibrations from pumps, aggregates, compressors, servers, household appliances and outdoor air conditioning units.

Less suitable for:
Heavy (concrete) walls or for use between the pavement tiles and the facade of a house. In that case it is better to use Regupol.

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What it is and does:
Regufoam is a vibration-isolating material made of polyurethane foam and prevents a sound or vibration source from transmitting resonances a fundation. Impact noise is reduced due to the decoupling effect. Regufoam is a high-quality and durable product and retains its elasticity for a long time. Use Regufoam to decouple pumps, generators, compressors, computers, servers, kitchen equipment and air conditioning units.

Various types of Regufoam (indicated by the letter D for density per m³) are available, D150, D220, D300 and D400, making the product widely applicable for both industrial and private use.

  • Home
    Regufoam D150 and D220 are suitable for many sound problems with impact noise in and around the house. Types with a thickness of 25 mm are used for low frequency resonances (heavy thump). The 12 mm thickness is used when the stability of equipment and machines is required, washing machines for example. As a ready-made solution, we also offer various damper sets.
  • Industry
    For light industrial use you can use Regufoam as described on this page. It is advisable to contact us before you using Regufoam for heavy, industrial equipment and machines. For a customized solution we need some information such as the weight, dimensions and rotational speed of the source in question.

Which type of Regufoam Vibration Insulation to use
To decouple vibrating sources with Regufoam, it is best to use a number of Regufoam blocks (see product photos for some examples) of approximately 100 x 100 mm, or slightly larger. When too much Regufoam is applied under a vibration source, too much resistance is created, making the source unstable. This increases the risk of wear due to wobbling machines or equipment. Sources with a high centre of gravity are prone to imbalance and can easily topple. Depending on the application, you can work with so called blocks of approximately 100 x 100 mm with this scheme:

  • Regufoam type D150 25 mm:     0 to   50 kg.
  • Regufoam type D220 25mm:    50 to 100 kg.
  • Regufoam type D300 25 mm: 100 to 250 kg

Examples from the product photos

  • Treadmill insulation with blocks of Regufoam D150, about 12 parts of 125 x 125 x 25 mm (the amount of blocks depends on the weight of the person and treadmill).
  • Decoupling of a light floor with Regufoam D150 12mm.
  • Hifi loudspeaker with blocks of Regufoam D220 25 mm, about 100 x 100 x 25 mm.
  • Studio floor insulating with Regufoam D300 25 mm, 100 x 100 x 25 mm, spacing 400 mm.

How to process
Regufoam can be cut to size with a sharp knife and mounted with contact adhesive or kit. When the source (machine e.g.) that produces vibrations is standing on small feet we recommend to use a sheet of heavy and rigid material that can distribute the load evenly a cross the Regufoam part, or pads. This can be plywood or a concrete slab. A few examples are; washing machine, refrigerator, outdoor airco unit and loudspeakers. 


  • Moisture-resistant (when used outside, wrap it waterproof in PU-Finishing Tape).
  • Insensitive to mould, insects, bacteria and rot.
  • Fully recyclable.
  • Regufoam is not self-adhesive.

Read more about Regufoam on our tips page " What is Regufoam? "

Free product sample
See the quality of our product for yourself and request a free sample. Fill in the Contact form with your address details and we will send you a product sample as soon as possible.

More Information
Length 500
Width 250
Description Plate

Akoestiekwinkel is part of Merford, which has specialized in sound and noise control in construction and industry for over 35 years. By listening to our customers' problems, together with our years of expertise, we can provide the right advice for controlling noise in vehicles, boats and yachts, homes and studios. On our website we share this knowledge and guide you to the right solution.

the advantages of Acousticshop

  • Great expertise, the right advice

  • Reliable quality

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  • Over 40 years of experience

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    Akoestiekwinkel is since 2004 the specialist in solving noise problems of consumers (in the Netherlands and Belgium). Our goal is to create a comfortable living environment by controlling annoying and harmful noise. The experience of sound is subjective. We want to make sound pleasant. In one situation this means as little sound as possible, preferably total silence. In the other case, good acoustics to make music sound optimal, for example.

    We have an extensive range of solutions in the area of sound insulation and acoustics that are available from stock. Quality comes first. Our products are extensively tested and certified. Their performance is proven and easy to compare with other products. Our range is continuously expanded with new solutions.

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Vibration isolation foam

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