Soundproofing in the Kitchen

Insulating kitchen units and sinks
Kitchens can potentially cause more impact noise at the neighbours than you might expect. Every kitchen appliance can sound like a hammer drill at the neighbours and every cup placed on the counter as a dull thump. Some examples of an improperly installed kitchen are:

Worktop milled into the partition wall, kitchen unit right on the floor and rigid against the partition wall that divides your own home from your neighbour's home, pipes milled in the partition wall, and a steel sink which is not noise-resistant. By preventing these kinds of things you create a lot less neighbour nuisance. We have the following solutions for you:

Place kitchen unit disconnected
Place the kitchen unit with the legs on particles of purple Regufoam D220 (art. no. M0716). Cut pieces of approximately 100 x 100 mm from one mat, and place a piece of wood between the legs of the kitchen and the Regufoam particles in order to distribute weight. In this way you reduce the amount of vibration that is transferred from the kitchen unit to the floor.

The ends of the countertop, which would otherwise make contact with the partition wall, are provided with a Regufoam Strip. In this way, the worktop does not make a rigid connection with your home and you avoid that contact noise transfers to the neighbours through the partition wall. Make sure that there is no clearance in the water pipe and/or gas pipe. Regufoam vibration insulation is obviously softer than concrete or wood.

Anti-drumming sink
Most steel sinks are already provided with a black layer of material on the underside, this material is called 'anti-drumming'. Without anti-drumming, washing the dishes would sound as if you were putting the dishes in a gong, even the clatter of water in the sink would make noise. In the video you can see how a sink is 'anti-drummed' with STP Black Silver (art. no K1221). With this product you cover the sink.

Neighbour noise
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Sound insulation and acoustics in your home
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