Engine noise

The engine room of a vessel can cause a lot of noise pollution. Sounds can be felt and heard in many ways in and around a vessel. These problems can be tackled well when you know where the noise and vibrations are coming from. But first, you need to determine which noise problem is most applicable to you. Next, there are 3 ways to reduce engine noise in a craft.

  • Sound absorption
    Position of sound absorption lowers the level of sound in your vessel.

  • Sound insulation
    With sound insulation, you keep the noise of the engine out of your vessel, so you have less noise pollution when you are sailing.

  • Defution
    Vibrations in sheet material are attenuated by the application of anti-drumming materials.

Under here you can choose which solution best suits your problem. That way you will get further when choosing the best insulation solution.

Which sound problem do you want to tackle?