Silent ventilation solutions

Silent ventilation solutions for your music studio
In rooms where music is produced, listened to or recorded, it is desirable that the ventilation is as quiet as possible and that no sound escapes or enters through the ventilation facilities.

Silent air supply
This is no problem for the supply of fresh air with the use of an Aeropac. These small and silent ventilation unit is used to supply outside air through a hole in the facade or wall to supply air from an adjacent room or outside.

Dampen air ducts
To get a good exchange of air, it is necessary to get a so-called draft in the room, so you will also have to be able to extract air. The air exhaust can be realized by making a sound maze. We have a complete guide on our tips page on how to make a sound maze to silently exhaust air from a music studio. A sound maze is an acoustic labyrinth, a kind of tunnel with partitions that are covered with an absorption material such as Acousticcell or Akotherm polyester wool. The longer the labyrinth and the more partitions, the more sound is filtered from the air.

You can use the handy Silendo Door grille in a room where there is little chance of noise nuisance. This is a neat solution for discharging excess pressure through a slot in the door. Often used in combination with an Elton drop seal.

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