Make your own ‘floating’ absorption ceiling panels.

Just Make Absorption Ceiling Panels by Yourself!

How to make acoustic panels with Akotherm SF
Our customer Mathijs has proven that improving your acoustics can be both cheap and beautiful. He ordered Akotherm SF panels and changed them into beautiful sound absorption panels by himself in order to improve the acoustics in his kitchen. What striking is, is the optical illusion which makes the panels seem to float.

Optical illusion created by a double layer of Akotherm SF

Below, you can read how Mathijs achieved this and which products how used for his design. The Acousticshop products:

Two step plan for making Akotherm acoustic panels
Step 1: Making the white panel 'float'.
In order for the white panel to be 'floating' you need to glue a thinner and smaller black Akotherm SF panel to the white panel. You can cut the panels to size useing a long sharp knife, bread knife e.g. In pictures you see the use of Akotherm SF black with thicknesses of 20 and Akotherm SF white 40 mm thick. When glued together with Stauf Glue they appear to be floating, quite a nice effect.

Step 2: Installing the panels
When the two Akotherm SF panels are glued together it takes about 12 hours for the glue to set and harden. Than you can add glue to the black Akotherm panel, don't be too stingy with the glue, to install the panel to the ceiling. The panel should stick immediately to the ceiling with the right amount of Stauf Glue.
Guideline to better acoustics
We have various guidelines and tips pages to improve the acoustics in all sorts of places and spaces:

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