Sound insulating shutters for insulating background noise

Making Soundproofing Indoor Shutters Using Merfoplex

Creating acoustic shutters using Merfoplex

Many of our customers live in cities, which has a straightforward reason: the issue of noise nuisance mainly occurs in cities. Noise can be caused by neighbours, traffic, restaurants, nightlife, etc. Modern buildings are often provided with good sound insulation, but the sound insulation of older or monumental buildings can be very disappointing. By making use of our advice and the right acoustic materials you can tackle this issue. In this example, we show you how to enhance the sound insulation of a monumental building by placing sound insulating indoor shutters.

The sound problem: noise nuisance passing through windows

One of our customers lives in a monumental building in the centre of a Dutch city called Leiden. It’s a beautiful location with a lovely view. The only minus is that noise enters the building via the windows quite regularly. This is very annoying, especially when having young child that needs rest, and on top of it a work schedule that frequently changes. Noise nuisance causes stress, which, in time, can even lead to health issues.

Suffering from this noise problem, this customer came to us to receive a solution. He already insulated his floors using Isomat KE and now he was searching for a solution to solve the problem of background noise. Together, we found out Merfoplex is a proper solution to this sound problem. Merfoplex are sound insulating sandwich plates that consist of 2 layers of multiplex with a layer of Isomat pressed in between them. It is a ready-made product that is widely applicable: you can use it for insulating your floor or door, or for making a housing, or, as shown in this example, sound insulating indoor shutters.

The application explained by a satisfied customer

Hopefully the following pictures will help, otherwise I can take new ones. The frame is about 110 x 170 cm. I took the overview picture with the sun fully shining in my direction, so the shutters are completely closed. The left side is not finished yet with the beech draught excluders and the right side is slightly opened, since I still need to create something to keep them closed.

Geluidsisolerende binnenluiken van Merfoplex

The shutters themselves are made from 25 mm Merfoplex Okoumé, and therefore highly sound proof. I experience a very clear difference between opened or closed shutters. Crevices are finished with weather strips, the sills and top with a beech draught excluder. I didn’t measure Decibels, but the result is excellent and probably comes close to the prognosis of the Acousticshop. Of course, I had to scrape and sand in order to achieve an exact fit, but it did pay off. From the material that was left I created another set of shutters for the attic, after having clued and screwed with the 6 mm Okoumé in order to achieve the lengths that I needed.


The heavy corner hinges with bearings were old ones that I still had. I processed them with a drill in order to be able to use them. I attached them to the Merfoplex plate using 4 bolts per hinge. It hangs firmly.

Then, I scraped away a few milimitres from the profile in order to make the hinges fit. The close-up picture shows the hinge leaf from the left side of the hinge, just under the profile. So, at the right side I left the profile as it is, and at the left side I scraped it away and finished it with two component filler. At the side of the bolts I made an oversized cut-out for the bolts in the profile. I cut off the endings of the bolts and finished the whole thing with two component filler.


It took some effort, but the result was good and hardly visible after sanding (with 400 grit), and varnishing. Varnishing isn’t my specialism, but it worked out fairly well, even though I think that the result can be even smoother by using spray next time. Thanks to both of you guys, also on behalf of my newborn daughter, who can sleep more peacefully now, even in the city centre of Leiden. My home became a lot more comfortable in those rooms and I even expect that the thermal resistance of these shutters will significantly reduce the heating costs for those specific rooms.

Point of attention

When rooms and ventilation grilles are shut in favour of sound insulation, ventilation will be minimal. Do you want silent ventilaton? Consider an acoustic ventilation unit. On our advice page ‘Solutions for Silent Ventilation’, you can find out everything about silent ventilation.


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