De-drumming paste

De-drumming pastes for drumming sheet metal

What is de-drumming?

de-drumming is the insulation of vibrations in sheet material, for example steel, aluminum and polyester. In addition to bitumen anti-drumming plates, which are practically in use, there are also products such as anti-drumming pastes. De-drumming products hold a sheet material, as it were, and thus isolate the vibrations that otherwise cause a gong sound. The result is much less sound emission from the treated plate surfaces, when touched the sound will be attenuated, the gong sound is then gone.

Sandwich de-drumming is often used in ship and yacht construction as insulation of the ship's hull, for example around the engine and the (bow) propeller. In dirt and glass containers, these emit a lot of noise when they are empty and filled. But also for the unthinking of the tailgate of a truck and the flap of the loading pit or charging station in a residential area, sandwich detonation is the solution to the noise problem when supplying shops.

For the de-drumming of sheet metal (steel) thicker than 4 mm, drumming with, for example, bitumen plates is not efficient. Also in locations where bitumen de-drumming can come into contact with, for example, diesel oil (which dissolves bitumen), a de-drumming paste is more appropriate. Our anti-drumming pastes are universally applicable, but especially for ships and yachts we recommend Vibradamp A90-P. With Vibradamp A90-P, in combination with Zincor, steel plates can 'sandwich-de-drumming'.

What is the application?

Make the surface well rust, grease and dirt-free (paint/coating can remain in place). Then apply at least one and a half meters around the source Vibradamp A-90-P two-component paste in proportion of 1:1:4. This ratio means that for every 4 mm steel thickness you apply 1 mm paste and 1 mm Zincor steel plates. The Zincor steel plates function as counter plates and are pressed into the paste with mutually ±10 mm gap. The steel is now held, as it were, and the gong sound is greatly reduced.

What de-drumming do I use where?

Vibradamp A-90-P: 2 Components de-drumming paste, i.c.m. Zincor steel plates on sheet material 3 mm thick or more.
Terophon 112DB: Sprayable anti-drumming compound for large projects. You will need a peristaltic pump and air compressor for this (to be taken care of yourself).

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