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Insulation Nails B-63

Top plate (without Nelsoncap)

Insulation Nails B-63

Top plate (without Nelsoncap)

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Adhesive pins, or insulation nails, can be used for mechanical fastening of products such as Aluglass, Merfocom, Merfopol or mineral wool. The use of mechanical fastening may be necessary for situations where heat plays a role or the weight of a product.

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B-63 K0319 60 Transparent
250 pcs
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When and why use adhesive pins?
In certain circumstances it is necessary to mount products by means of a mechanical fastening, Adhesive Pins or Insulation Nails. This method of attachment may be necessary to support a product, at high temperatures and on products that are not self-adhesive. A mechanical fuse may also be required for certain certifications or safety requirements.

Using adhesive pens in practice
Adhesive pens are easy to use on almost any surface and in different ways. Assess the correct mounting method for each situation. We have these tips for that:

  • Mounting on steel
    On a steel surface you can weld, pop rivet or use mastic to fasten the adhesive pin with the mounting plate. For mounting with kit we recommend Sika Flex kit. Apply a generous dollop of sealant on a spotless surface and press the adhesive pin with the perforated mounting plate into the sealant. Allow the mastic to cure and prick the products to be mounted over the nail of the adhesive pin. In this case it is recommended that after assembly Nelson Protective Capst are fitted to the adhesive pins.
  • Mounting on wood
    When the surface is made of wood, turn the adhesive pin over. Drive the adhesive pin like a nail through the product you want to attach. The mounting plate then holds the product firmly in place. You can also screw the adhesive pin with the mounting plate to a wooden surface and press the insulation product onto the pin.
  • Mounting on polyester
    On this surface, or on a surface where screwing is not possible, follow the same method as the application on steel. Secure the adhesive pins with mastic, fit the product and cover the adhesive pins with Nelson Protective Caps.

Products suitable for fitting with adhesive pins

We recommend adhesive pins for mounting the following products:
  • Aluglass: When the ambient temperature exceeds 80 °C, 9 adhesive pins per square metre of Aluglass.
  • Merfocom: When mounting Merfocom upside down , this product must be mounted using adhesive pins. 9 adhesive pins for each panel of 1200 x 1000 mm.
  • Merfopol: Mounting Merfopol is most practical and economical with adhesive pins. Depending on the situation, at least 9 adhesive pins for each panel.


  • Galvanized steel.
  • Not self-adhesive.
  • Equipped with a sharp point.
  • Size: Pin length 60 mm. Mounting plate 40 x 40 mm.
  • Nelson Protective cap not included, must be ordered separately.

Minimum order is 10 pieces (full package 250 pieces).

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Height 50
Colour Aluminium

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