How to solve noise nuisance from your downstairs neighbours.

How to soundproof impact noise from downstairs neighbours
Impact noise from downstairs neighbours are usually transmitted up via the walls into your home. If neighbours are not willing to insulate their floor, to isolate contact noise, you can start by insulating your walls. The best way to do this is to install decoupled false walls with the use of Akoestikon Acoustic Studs wall insulation. If your home has concrete floors and you want to prevent the transmission of impact noise from your home to the downstairs neighbours than you can install a screed floor on a Regupol Comfort subfloor.

How to soundproof airborne noise from downstairs neighbours
To insulte airborne noise to- and from downstairs neighbours you can use Regupol Comfort with a screed floor. This results in a decoupled floor, Regupol is an acoustic underlay and is very flexible. When you have a underlayment/wooden floor on wooden beams you can soundproof the floor by adding mass using Isomat KE. This product does not decouple the floor, but the soundproofs the floor by the means of mass. This reduces airborn noise, such as speech and music. Isomat KE does not insulate impact noise that much, this is a Mass Loaded Vinyl to insulate airborne noise.

Airborne noise can also reach you in a flanking fashion, via walls and sound leaks in the construction, such as cracks, seems and gaps. Check your home for sound leaks before soundproofing a ceiling, wall or floor with Akoestikon Acoustic Studs.

What to expect in terms of results?
The best result is achieved by using the heaviest or thickest product available. To get the best result possible for the insulation of vibrations and impact noise always insulate as close as possible at the source. For instance, an airconditioning unit on a roof should be isolated from the roof, do not insulate the ceiling under the roof since vibrations will be distributed via the rood/ceiling and walls. Insulate the source, in this example with Regufoam Vibrations Insulation. Do you have any questions or in need of advice? Just let us know via our contact page.

Products to soundproof against noisy downstairs neighbours


How to reduce impact noise and vibrations from and to neighbours?
On our Tips Page we have multiple guides to insulate and isolate all sorts of impact noise sources. Loudspreakers, subwoofers, refrigerator, all sorts of solutions to insulate and isolate noise that might cause sound problems.

How to reduce airborne noise from and to neighbours?
If you are bothered by noise from loud neighbours, or the other way around, you might find a solution on our House-page. There you will the most common sound problems between two or more neighbours. Can't find a solutions to your noise problems? Just let us know, we are happy to advice and help you.