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Merfowrap Aluminated

Pipe insulation

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Pipe and pipe insulation consisting of 10 mm-thick absorption foam and a heavy sound-insulating top layer. Merfowrap Aluminated is particularly suitable for reducing sound radiation from, for example, a drain pipe, down pipe, sewer pipe and rainwater drainage. You can also use Merfowrap Aluminated to insulate central vacuum cleaner system pipes.

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Variant SKU Dimensions (mm) Color Price incl. tax Stock Qty m2
D209/12 K1198 2000 x 1000 x 12 Silver
33 pcs
(excl. tax: £0.00)
Volume discount

What is and does
Merfowrap Aluminated has been developed for insulating pipes and ducts. In addition, the material has an excellent sound-insulating effect on all kinds of product transport lines (e.g. wood chip granulate transport lines). In addition to a good sound-insulating effect, Merfowrap Aluminated also has thermal insulating properties. Merfowrap Aluminated finishes neatly without dents. The material is very flexible and is therefore easy to apply to all types of pipes and ducts. On our tips page you will find the step-by-step plan for Pipe and Pipe Insulation.

Merfowrap Aluminated can be used to insulate pipes and tubes that radiate sound by transporting, for example, water, gas and waste (water). Here you may think of:

  • Rainwater drain pipes
  • Sewage pipes (PVC)
  • Product transfer lines
  • Air ducts
  • Downpipes


  • Sound and thermal insulating
  • Very flexible
  • Flame-retardant according to EN-13501-1
  • Foam is treated with a flame retardant.
  • Temperature resistance: -30°C to approx. 80°C.
  • Size: 2000 x 1000 x 10 mm, rolled up in a box.
  • 4.7 Kg/m² (per package 9.4 Kg)

Shape, appearance and colour
Glossy aluminium top layer on heavy insulating layer. Foam colour dark grey.


Merfowrap Aluminated is provided with an aluminium foil top layer applied to a heavy insulating layer. The back of the panel has a 10 mm thick layer of PU foam.

Our tips page includes a step-by-step guide for insulating pipes and pipes.

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More Information
Length 2000
Width 1000
Height 12
Description Role
Color Aluminium

Akoestiekwinkel is part of Merford, which has specialized in sound and noise control in construction and industry for over 35 years. By listening to our customers' problems, together with our years of expertise, we can provide the right advice for controlling noise in vehicles, boats and yachts, homes and studios. On our website we share this knowledge and guide you to the right solution.

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    Akoestiekwinkel is since 2004 the specialist in solving noise problems of consumers (in the Netherlands and Belgium). Our goal is to create a comfortable living environment by controlling annoying and harmful noise. The experience of sound is subjective. We want to make sound pleasant. In one situation this means as little sound as possible, preferably total silence. In the other case, good acoustics to make music sound optimal, for example.

    We have an extensive range of solutions in the area of sound insulation and acoustics that are available from stock. Quality comes first. Our products are extensively tested and certified. Their performance is proven and easy to compare with other products. Our range is continuously expanded with new solutions.

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Merfowrap Aluminated

Pipe insulation

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