Outdoor Acoustics

Sound absorption for garden and balcony Buitenakoestiek
Gardens, especially the ones inside a city, are often seperated or surrounded by constructions of walls, fences, and facades. These structures are made of hard building materials such as brick, concrete, or wood. These materials are responsible for reflections of sound resulting in reverberation in the garden or on the balcony. This problem often occurs in a somewhat smaller garden, the city garden. You can read about the solution to improve the outdoor acoustics in the garden on the tips page 'Improving Urban Garden Acoustics'.

Noise problems on the balcony
On certain floors of apartment buildings, the distance and angle from the street is so unfavorable that the balcony functions like a catching bag of sound. Noise produced by traffic and the surrounding environment is absorbed and amplified by the shape and size of the balcony, which causes noise nuisance on the balcony and in the worst case also inside the home. Sitting outside is no longer possible. To reduce this problem, you can find the solution on our tips page 'Reducing Noise on the Balcony'.

Sound problems in the garden
To keep background noise outside your garden, you do not need absorption material, but an insulating wall in the shape of a high, heavy and well-sealed sound screen (fence). The distance between the sound source and the receiver determines the height of the screen or fence. A minimum height of about 2.5 meters is desirable. This screen can cause reflections and therefore reverberation inside your garden. If this is the case, you do need absorption material. You will find the solutions on the tips pages 'Sound-Absorbing Fences', 'Improving Urban Garden Acoustics' and 'Everything About Noise Barriers and Outdoor Acoustics'.

Below you can find all products to improve outdoor acoustics

  1. Akotherm GG wit
    Akotherm SF
    Sound absorbing panel
    • High density of 40kg/m³
    • Double sided extra smooth finish
    • For indoor and outdoor

    Starting at £19.55

    (incl. tax)
  2. Stratocell Whisper FR
    Stratocell Whisper FR
    Absorbent material for outdoor applications
    • Polyethylene sheet
    • Moisture-proof sound absorption
    • Also for outdoor use

    Starting at £38.38

    (incl. tax)
  3. Akotherm Basic D40 Geluidsabsorberende isolatie
    Akotherm Basic D40
    Sound -absorbent insulation
    • Polyester wool
    • Sound-absorbing, thermal insulating filling
    • Alternative to mineral wool types

    Starting at £16.86

    (incl. tax)

Sound absorption utilitude construction
The above solutions are also applicable in parking garages in schoolyards and stations. 

Sound insulation and acoustics in your home
More information about device insulation, door insulation, floor insulation and reducing reverberation in your home can be found on the page Sound insulation and acoustics in your home