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Outdoor acoustics for courtyard, garden and balcony Stratocell Whisper to improve outdoor acoustics
Gardens, especially walled courtyards, are often separated or surrounded by walls, fences, and facades. These structures are made of hard building materials such as brick, concrete, or wood. These materials are responsible for reflections of sound resulting in reverberation. This problem often occurs in somewhat smaller courtyards. You can read more about improving outdoor acoustics on our tips page "Improving outdoor acoustics in courtyard and garden".

The photograph shows a courtyard surrounded by bricks walls that gave enormous reverberations. Even the neighbours complaint about noise, music and what seemed loud voices. Behind the vertical wooden beams is a outdoor acoustics panel installed called Stratocell Whisper. Because of the space between each beam noise gets trapped and the acoustics is improved, so much that the surrounding courtyards and gardens are not longer bothered by noise.

Improve outdoor acoustics on a balcony
On certain floors of apartment buildings, the distance and angle from the street is so unfavorable that the balcony functions like a sound trap. Noise produced by traffic and the surrounding environment is amplified by the shape and size of the balcony ceiling and keeps reflecting. In some situations this noise becomes even audible inside the home. Sitting outside is not longer enjoyable. To reduce this problem, you can find the solution on our tips page 'Reducing Noise on the Balcony'. In short: mount Akotherm SF to the roof, or ceiling, of the balcony, only there where the panels cannot get wet when it rains. Akotherm can handle some moisture, but should not get wet, it absorbs dirt in water. If in doubt, request a products sample, it's free, just as our advice!

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How to improve outdoor acoustics, all there is to know
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