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Roxtec ComSeal

Cable and pipe transits

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With the Roxtec Comseal you can route cables and pipes through the walls of, for example, machine housings and sound studios. The 4mm thick solid aluminium housing of the Roxtec cable gland prevents the leakage of sound, air and moisture and gives a nice finish to an otherwise unsightly hole in a wall for cables. There is room for feeding through no less than ten cables or pipes.

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Roxtec Acoustic Cable & Pipe Grommet
One of the most important details in the world of acoustic insulation is the prevention of sound leakage. The most common sound leaks can be found at the air supply and exhaust, grilles, sill, and cable entry. You can solve noise leaks at cabling leadthroughs with the Roxtec Comseal leadthroughs. Roxtec supplies high-quality and professional products with, among other things, IMO certification.

What it is
The Roxtec Comseal consists of a robust 4 mm thick aluminium housing that can be adjusted with rubber spacers to the desired amount of cable/pipe entry. This product provides a perfect seal between your application (sound source) and cabling.

Some applications are:

  • Studio construction
  • For sound-proof leadthroughs of, for example, microphone, USB and power cables, and air conditioning facilities.
  • Yachts and Ships
  • Transit of pipes, cables and connections where no water and noise may leak.
  • Machine & Equipment housings
    For leadthroughs of air hoses, water pipes and power cables without causing noise leakage.

What are properties
A High-End solution made of high-quality materials that can withstand rough handling. Perfect seal against moisture, dust and noise, can be mounted with an Allen key and a spanner 8. Space for 10 pipes, cables or hoses with a diametre of 3.5 mm to a maximum of 16 mm.

Package contents

  • 1 x Roxtec ComSeal 10/10
  • 1 x Self-adhesive sealing rubber
  • 1 x Mounting Gel
  • 6 x Allen mounting screws
  • Easy assembly manual


  • Outer unit size: 175 x 82 x 35mm
  • Internal unit size (free passage for plugs, for example): 100 x 37mm
  • Material unit: 4mm powder coated aluminium
  • Filling cubes: IMO certified rubber filler blocks for cables/pipes up to a maximum diametre of 16 mm.

Step-by-step guide for equipment housings
Our tips page includes two items in which the Roxtec Comseal is used for of cable and pipe leadthroughs. Insulating Air Compressor and Equipment and Machine housings.


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Description Roxtex ComSeal
Color White

Akoestiekwinkel is part of Merford, which has specialized in sound and noise control in construction and industry for over 35 years. By listening to our customers' problems, together with our years of expertise, we can provide the right advice for controlling noise in vehicles, boats and yachts, homes and studios. On our website we share this knowledge and guide you to the right solution.

the advantages of Acousticshop

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    Akoestiekwinkel is since 2004 the specialist in solving noise problems of consumers (in the Netherlands and Belgium). Our goal is to create a comfortable living environment by controlling annoying and harmful noise. The experience of sound is subjective. We want to make sound pleasant. In one situation this means as little sound as possible, preferably total silence. In the other case, good acoustics to make music sound optimal, for example.

    We have an extensive range of solutions in the area of sound insulation and acoustics that are available from stock. Quality comes first. Our products are extensively tested and certified. Their performance is proven and easy to compare with other products. Our range is continuously expanded with new solutions.

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Roxtec ComSeal - House

Cable and pipe transits

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