Soundproofing a Hot Tub

How to insulate a jacuzzi? Bubbelbad isoleren
An improperly insulated jacuzzi, hot tub or swimming pool pump can cause a lot of noise nuisance. The housing of the pump is usually made of relatively light material. Sound easily penetrates the material due to a lack of mass.

How to insulate airborne noise?
Remove the housing (or cover) and equip the inside of it with Isomat TS14 (a heavy plastic insulation board). Glue and screw the Isomat plates onto the cladding of the housing and add a sound-absorbing product. The self-adhesive product Merfocell PU, with a thickness of 25 or 40 mm, is suitable for this purpose. Tape the seams of the Merfocell PU with Acusitape, so that moisture and dirt cannot penetrate into the absorption foam.

We recommend the Isomat variant of 14 kg/m², because it is the heaviest. The heavier the housing, the higher the insulation value. If you think it is too heavy for the construction, you can also opt for the lighter 8 kg/m², Isomat TS8.

How to isolate contact noise?
The contact noise of a pump is usually perceived  as a hum (especially if the pump touches the house(s)). In order to reduce this, you need to decouple the pump using Regufoam D220 vibration isolation. When installing the pump vibration-free, make sure that no clearance can occur around the pipes, which could cause leakages in the longer term. A flexible pipe between the pump and the pipe prevents leaks.

Regufoam is a vibration insulating material suitable for outdoor applications. When used outdoors, make sure that moisture cannot penetrate into the material, because in frostly conditions the moisture can expand and damage the material. Regufoam is moisture resistant.

Step-by-step plan
On our tips page you will find an extensive step-by-step plan for insulating the pump. You can also apply this plan for pumps of swimming pools.

Below you will find the products needed to insulate a hot tub, Jacuzzi and pool pump


How to insulate a jacuzzi or hot tube
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