Soundproofing a Roof

How to soundproof a loft ceiling or roof?Soundproofing and insulating a ceiling or roof
To soundproof a (pitched) roof of an attic, or loft space, to reduce outdoor noises from entering your house or bedroom for example, you need to insulate the ceiling or roof inside your house. There are two methods to soundproof a roof or ceiling. The best result is obtained by installing a new decoupled ceiling or roof boarding. With the help of Akoestikon Acoustic Studs, these Studs are best described as spring loaded beams. After installing these acoustic studs, or rails, and with the cavity filling in place, you can finish your new acoustic ceiling with a double layer of plasterboard.

The second method is by adding mass to a plasterboard or plywood ceiling or roof in a loft or attic. Structures made of- or finished with a single layer or plasterboard, or plywood, are far to light to isolate or insulate noise and sound. The lack of mass and weight is the reason for this. With our Isomat KE you can add mass and insulate structures such as wooden floors, indoor walls, roofing, ceilings and doors. By adding mass to these structures the acoustic insulation will dramatically increase. Each time the mass is doubled you will gain about 6 to 8 decibels. Use a thin layer of glue on the back of a sheet of Isomat, place the sheets on a layer of plasterboard and mount this to your roof or ceiling with the Isomat facing outwards. 

Tips and guides to soundproofing your house
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