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Metal Stud Damper

Vibration dampers

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Metal Stud Dampers are vibration dampers for mounting retaining walls uncoupled, without a rigid connection, against an existing wall or construction. The MS dampers are fitted with rubber vibration dampers to isolate resonances from the newly installed wall. For example, the retaining wall does not make a rigid connection with the building and vibrations are not transmitted.

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What it is and does:
Metal Stud Dampers are extremely handy vibration dampers for decoupling self-made sound-insulating retaining walls. The product is fitted with a rubber damper so that your retaining wall does not make a rigid connection with the building. The dampers ensure that a wall cannot fall over, forwards or backwards.

Metal Stud Dampers are used often in combination with Regufoam Strips, for installing extra heavy walls with multiple layers of finishing cladding, such as Merfoplex or double plasterboard with the extra heavy Isomat KE ground sheet in between, or in damp areas where Merfoflex Pre-walls are not sufficient. Metal Stud Dampers are often used for building architectural sound studios.

What do I need for a wall?
The amount of MS Dampers to be used depends on the total weight of the wall that you are going to build. An MS Dampers may be loaded with a maximum of 32 kg of pressure horizontally/axially towards the wall and a maximum of 15 kg horizontally/axially away from the wall. We generally recommend 3 to 4 dampers spread over one square metre of wall surface.

One of the features is the built-in safety mechanism that maintains the mechanical construction of the damper in the event of a fire. The dampers have a central shaft connected to the wall bracket. Furthermore, the Metal Stud Damper can be used in combination with Metal Stud profiles or wooden beams that you can use to make a retaining wall. The dampers are not suitable for ceiling applications.

  • Flexible use.
  • Fireproof mechanism.
  • Dimensions: total length 160 mm (see product photos).
  • Horizontal tensile force, against the wall, axial, max.: 5 to 15 kg.
  • Horizontal pull, from wall, axial, max: 5 to 32 kg.

How do I make retaining walls with MS dampers myself?
Mount Regufoam Strips on the floor, along the walls and against the ceiling of the room where the wall is to be placed. Make sure that the entire retaining wall is clamped tightly against these strips. Place vertical uprights 60 cm apart and mount them with the MS dampers against the wall behind. Fill the hollow space completely with Eco-Coustic Cotton insulation wool. The wall is then closed with a sheet material. This step will determine the insulation value of the wall, so the heavier the material panel, the higher the insulation value of the wall. We recommend Merfoplex or a double plasterboard with the heaviest Isomat KE variant bonded in between. Do not let the sheet material touch the floor, walls and ceiling! Note the pulling force of the MS dampers.

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Vibration dampers

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