Soundproofing for interior walls

Soundproofing for interior walls
Lightweight room dividing walls made of plasterboard or plywood, allow sound to easily travel through. The lack of mass in interior walls implies a lack of soundproofing value (mass = insulation). The problem with walls placed under a system ceiling is that they (often) do not connect to the structural ceiling or roof of the building. A wall cannot be soundproofed without a solid connection between the architectural ceiling and the floor!

How to soundproof interior walls
In short, make sure there is a qualitative connection between the floor and the ceiling or roof. Detect, possibly by using a lamp, seams and cracks that cause sound leakage (especially with walls that are perpendicular to the wall to be insulated). To soundproof a plasterboard or wooden interior wall you need to add mass in the form of a mass loaded vinyl like Isomat KE Fiber. Apply a layer of Stauf glue to the side of the Isomat which contains jute and mount it against the wall using screws or nails with a flat head. When the whole wall is covered, soundproofed, with Isomat KE, finish the Isomat with plasterboard or plywood. For optimal results, do this on both sides of the wall. The heavier the wall becomes, the better the end result. This double soundproofing method can reduce the sounds you perceive by 40%. In case of studio construction it is recommended to additionally insulate the walls with the Akoestikon Acoustic Stud system.You will find an extensive "Wall insulation step-by-step plan" on our tips page.

How to maken a soundproofed dividing wall
If you want to divide a room into several rooms, make sure that the walls you install are heavy, decoupled (if possible) and without sound leaks. Make a frame of wooden beams with a size of at least 60 x 40 mm and place them centre-to-centre with a distance of 600mm. Fill empty voids with Acoustic Cotton Wool as cavity filling between the beams and close the wall with a double layer of plasterboard or plywood with Isomat KE14 in between. The heavier you make the wall, the better the soundproofing.

If you are going to place a door in this wall, make sure that the door has approximately the same insulation value. You will also find a "Step-by-Step Plan for Door Insulation" on the tips page.

Products to soundproof interior walls

  1. Akoestikon Acoustic Studs | 120 mm en 60 mm
    Akoestikon Acoustic Studs
    Soundproofing wall and ceiling
    • Soundproofing for walls & ceiling
    • High soundproofing insulation
    • Insulate noise from neighbours

    Starting at £8.65

    (incl. tax)
  2. Isomat KE Fiber
    Isomat KE Fiber
    Sound-insulating mat
    • Heavy mass loaded vinyl
    • Noise insulation
    • To insulate lightweight floors, wall etc.

    Starting at £27.00

    (incl. tax)

Constructive sound insulation
More solutions for insulating walls, floors and ceilings can be found on the overview page Structural sound insulation. Related to this are the pages about burengeluid.