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What Is Anti-drumming?

The acoustic term
If you are not familiar with acoustics, the term anti-drumming won't probably ring any bells. Yet, this term, or rather this application, is one of the most widely used ones in the acoustic world. In the article below, an explanation is given as to what comprises this insulation method, where you can apply it, and with which products. Synonyms of anti-drumming are muting and sandwich anti-drumming. 

How does anti-drumming work?
Unprocessed sheet material of steel, aluminium, or polyester will produce a sound (of a gong) when touched. This occurs in particular with thin and light variants of these types of material. Because of a lack in weight and stiffness, vibration can easily travel through the material. The vibration is caused by the physical movement of the sheet material or by soundwaves that collide with the material.

The perfect example of vibration freely travelling through matter can be found in the gong. When touched, the instrument radiates a very recognisable sound. On the contrary, if held with your hand, the gong would, as you might guess, sound muted and dull. This is exactly how anti-drumming materials function, they 'hold' the sheet material, preventing vibration from travelling through the material and the material from producing a gong sound.

Probably the most common application of anti-drumming can be found at home in the kitchen. Steel sinks are namely equipped with a small anti-drumming plate in the middle of the bottom (directly under the stream of water). Anti-drumming ensures that the clattering of falling water sounds a lot softer.

The products and their differences
There are three different types of anti-drumming products, each with their own specific characteristics and areas of application. There are products in the shape of a plate, for example, such as Vibraflex and Standartplast. Anti-drumming pastes under the names Vibradamp and (sprayable) compounds such as Terophon 112DB and the water resistant variant Terophon WF123, both containing a IMO certification. Compounds are used in the bigger projects of shipbuilding or facade construction and require special equipment for application.

Anti-drumming plates
Vibraflex UF 

Vibraflex OntdreuningThe most frequently used anti-drumming plate is Vibraflex. This self-adhesive ground plate, made on a base layer of bitumen, is generally applicable for anti-drumming various materials such as (stainless) steel, aluminium and different synthetics.

Amongst other things, Vibraflex is used for the insulation of generator and pump housings (often in combination with absorption material). When Vibraflex is applied, this increases the insulation values of the enclosure or housing. Especially with the lower frequencies of various appliances and machines this clearly noticeable. In the area of facade construction anti-drumming is also applied, for example in case of facade panels from steel or empty system walls.

Use the following types of Vibraflex for the following steel thicknesses:

  • UF   50 - Applicable on a plate with a thickness of 1 mm
  • UF  80 - Applicable on a plate with a thickness of 2 mm
  • UF 100 -Applicable on a plate with a thickness of 3 mm
  • UF 120 -Applicable on a plate with a thickness of 4 mm

As for the anti-drumming of aluminium you should add 1 mm to the abovementioned plate thicknesses. The minimal order quantity of Vibraflex UF is five squared metres per type. Do you have a small job to do, then use Vibraflex in boxes.

Anti-drumming paste
Vibradamp A 90-P 

Vibradamp OntdreuningspastaThere are different situations in which (bitumen) ground plates are undesirable. This may have various reasons, such as loss factor and temperature resistance. It may also occur that the sheet material to be insulated is thicker than 4 mm, in which case anti-drumming by means of ground plates like Vibraflex is inefficient. Vibradamp A-90-P is a twee-component paste, which simultaneously functions as glue, and should be used in combination with Zincor steel plates. After applying Vibradamp, the Zincor plates are pressed into the paste according to a brick lay format.

The application of this two component paste in combination with the Zincor steel plates is called sandwich anti-drumming. This method is the most effective way of anti-drumming, when it comes to aluminium and steel plates with a thickness above 4 mm. Vibradamp is often applied in yacht- and shipbuilding for the insulation of walls, floors, and ship hull.

Anti-drumming compounds
Terophon 112DB 

Terophon OntdreuningscompoundIn case of big projects for which anti-drumming needs to be applied to a large numbers of squared metres, it's best to contact us. Chances are that it is way more efficient to work with a sprayable product like Terophon. For example in ship-and yachtbuilding, garbage containers, and loading docks or objects with complex shapes.

In order to apply Terophon you need a peristaltic pump and an air compressor. By means of the peristaltic pump, Terophon is being pumped out of its container and with the help of the air compressor it is being sprayed on the surface that needs to be insulated. You should purchase these appliances or you can hire them.

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