Isolate Dashboard

What is the problem?
In vehicles with deep dashboards, engine noise can be quite public. The dashboard insulates very little, especially in motorhomes such as the Hymer. The lack of mass in the dashboard causes a sound leak into the vehicle as well. There are dashboards with many hollow spaces and dashboards made of steel in old-timers allow a lot of driving and engine passages.

What is the solution?
Not every dashboard is suitable for a solution, but if there is access to the dashboard, you can fill empty cavities here with a wool material such as Akotherm. This reduces the sound that comes from the motor and the heater.

You can fit a dashboard in motorhomes, especially in the Hymer, with Isomat TS8 then place the upholstery again. The underside of the dashboard, accessible through the hood, provides you with an absorption material such as Acusticab or Merfocell GW (the thicker, the better).

Which products do I use and where?
Isomat TS8 : On the dashboard on the cabin side
Acusticab  or Merfocell GW : Against the underside of the dashboard to absorb engine noise.
STP Black Silver: For anti-drumming steel dashboards.

Below you will find all the products described for insulating the dashboard:

  1. Isomat TS
    Isomat TS
    Insulations for light materials/wood
    • Mass loaded vinyl
    • Sound insulating
    • For flat surfaces

    Starting at £26.15

    (incl. tax)
  2. Acousticcell PU
    Acousticcell PU
    Dirt-resistant absorption foam
    • Moisture and dirt repellent
    • Application including engine compartment
    • Hygienic areas

    Starting at £28.01

    (incl. tax)
  3. Merfocell FC
    Merfocell FC
    Heat Resistant absorption
    • Glass fibre cloth (FC) top layer
    • Moisture and heat-resistant
    • Applicable in engine compartments

    Starting at £57.96

    (incl. tax)
  4. Isomat FM
    Isomat FM
    Sound-insulating floor mat
    • Plastic sheet with a resilient layer of PVC foam
    • Sound insulating
    • Suitable as a floor mat in, among other things, campers, trucks, tractors

    Starting at £60.24

    (incl. tax)