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In vehicles, and some boats, with large and deep dashboards, engine noise can be quite a problem. In some campervans or motorhomes, such as the Hymer, and older campervans, the dashboard is not provided with soundproofing or insulation. Next to engine noise in the cabin, heat of the engine can be an issue too. Most campervans have dashboards made of light weight materials, such as plastic, aluminium or even thin plywood. The lack of mass, hollow spaces and the absence of a sound absorber underneath the dashboard, in the engine bay, is the reason why you are on this page. Let's soundproof and isolate your dashboard!

How to soundproof and insulate a dashboard?Soundproofing and insulation for campervans
To soundproof a light weight dashboard the first step is to add mass, which implies making the dashboard heavier and more rigid. To do this you can apply Isomat TS on top of the dashboard, or underneath. Use contact glue to mount the Isomat on a clean and flat surface. Isomat is somewhat flexible and can be used on slightly curved surfaces.
In some cases the Isomat application results in sufficient soundproofing. If not, you can add a sound absorber underneath the dashboard, in the engine bay. We have two products that are perfect for the job, Acousticcell Alu and Acousticcell PU.  These products reduce engine noise in the cab. Acousticcell Alu also reflects heat from the engine.  

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