Acoustics in non-residential construction and infrastructure

Non-residential acoustic solutionsTrainstation acoustics Lelystad Netherlands
In places such as under buildings, in tunnels, parking garages, station departure hall, apartment galleries and schoolyards, reverberation (echo) is created because hard and smooth surfaces (concrete and glass) of the building provide reflections. The noise problem that occurs here is the nuisance experienced by local residents. These problem areas require products that are suitable for outdoor applications and are resistant to moisture and weather influences.

What is the solution?
Reducing nuisance for the environment is most efficient by using as much Absorption material as possible. The sound pressure in these places is often such that at least 80% of a reflective surface (eg the ceiling in a parking garage) must be provided with an Absorbent material for a good result. Treating walls with, for example, a coarse stucco layer gives an improvement because sound is diffused (high-frequency sound is therefore scattered, direct reflection is greatly reduced.

In the picture, you hardly see it, a trainstation is provided with improved acoustics by mounting Akotherm to the ceiling above the tracks. This reduced the noise from trains riding on the track. It resulted in far less noise for surrounding buildings and for the station itself. If want to know which solutions we can provide, please let us know, we are happy to help and advice you!

Below you will find the products for non-residential construction


Project guidance 
If you need help choosing products and applying them, we can help you in three ways:

  1. Contact us via the Contact page.  Email/App in advance or via the page at least three photos of the room to us.
  2. Visit the Shop. In this case, please bring some photos/drawings of space.
  3. Become a reverberation measurement carried out on site by one of our specialists and receive a report and a plan of action (a measurement is cost-free and is carried out exclusively with business customers).