Acoustic Wall Panels

Acoustic panels for walls
In order to improve the acoustics in a studio or Hifi listing room, and especially to reduce fluttering echo, the reflections of high frequencies, you best start by mounting acoustic panels on the walls. The most important walls to start with are the walls left and right of your loudspeakers. These are the hotspots for high frequent reverberations in a Hifi listening room or studio. Furthermore, are the walls behind your setup or listening position and other hard surfaces that reflect sound.

So the walls are a very good place to start improving the acoustics and installing some absorbing products. There are various acoustic wall panels to improve the acoustics in your room or studio. Use the thicker versions of our acoustic panels for mid- and low frequencies and the thinner ones for the really high frequencies that cause fluttering reverberations. The thicker ones are about 40 to 50 mm and thinner products are about 25 mm thick.

How to make acoustic panels?
Can't find where you are looking for? What about creating your own acoustic panels? We have some nice guidelines and tips pages on how to proceed. Next to DIY ideas for acoustic panels we also have lots of guides on room acoustic and of course the acoustic filling for acoustic panels and bass traps.

Our range of acoustic wall panels


Acoustic solutions for Studio & HiFi
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