Spare Wheel Well

Insulating driving and exhaust noise
Driving noise is caused by the exhaust, the engine, and the rolling of tyres. This noise enters the vehicle through thin or light sheet metal such as the spare wheel box, but also wheel arches and the bottom plate. This noise problem can be reduced quite easily by applying anti-drumming mats. By equipping plate surfaces of the bodywork with these mats, the surfaces stop vibrating. Consequently, the emission of noise is significantly reduced.

Step-by-step plan for isolating the spare wheel box

  • Step 1: Degrease
    Clean the surface thoroughly so that the products adhere well. This can be done with degreasing products or brake cleaner.  
  • Step 2: Anti-drumming
    Preferably use Vibraflex Extreme or STP Aero Bomb for this part of the vehicle. The entire wheel box must be equipped with these anti-drumming mats. Which mats you need, is mostly up to yourself by comparing the properties of the products. For optimal results, you can also equip the base plate with Vibraflex or STP Aero Bomb in its entirety.
  • Step 3: Finishing with extra insulation
    With Isomat VM floor mat, a sound-insulating floor mat, you can finish the anti-drum mats. This beautiful floor mat covers the trunk nicely and provides extra insulation as well. 
  • Step 4: Sound absorption (optional)
    The back of the rear seat can be equipped with Acusticell VSP. This sound absorption plate is equipped with a beautiful, perforated top layer of artificial leather, making it suitable for further finishing the interior. 

Below you will find all the described products to insulate the spare wheel box

  1. Vibraflex Ontdreuning set
    Sound deadener sheets
    • Bitumen board with added mass
    • Sound deadening and sound insulation
    • High mass and self-adhesive

    Starting at £30.77

    (incl. tax)

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