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Stauf Extreme Tack

Adhesive paste

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Stauf Extreme Tack is a paste adhesive specially developed for bonding acoustic materials such as Flamex, Akotherm, Agglomer and various foam products on surfaces such as stucco, wood and concrete. Easy to apply and minimally odorous.

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Tube K0726 White
40 pcs
Bucket W0314 Off White
86 pcs
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What it is and does:
Stauf Extreme Tack adhesive is a water-based paste adhesive with a high initial tack. This solvent-free adhesive is practically odourless and free of harmful substances. When applying Stauf Extreme Tack, at least one surface must be able to absorb moisture, with two moisture-tight surfaces the adhesive will not dry and no adhesion will take place. 

Stauf Extreme Tack adhesive is specially intended for bonding Flamex, Akotherm, Soundstone, Isomat KE and Agglomer to walls and ceilings of concrete, masonry, stucco and wood. The paste adhesive has a high initial tack, which means that clamping is not necessary.

The paste adhesive has a high initial tack, which means that stamping is (often) not necessary. Only the bonding of heavy Isomat panels, for example requires a combination with mechanical fastening, for example with screw and washer. The adhesive is best applied at room temperature with an adhesive comb or putty knife and has a maximum load-bearing capacity of 200 kg per m². You must store the adhesive frost-free. The shelf life of the adhesive is 12 months in unopened packaging.

Contents of the package

  • Bucket Stauf Extreme Tack (Art. No. W0314) - 3.5 kilograms
  • Kit tube Stauf Extreme Tack (Art. No. K0726) - 450 grams

What is the consumption?

Consumption of Stauf Extreme Tack is based on average consumption and strongly depends on the product to be bonded and the substrate.  When in doubt, it can be useful to order some extra so the job does not come to a standstill. Strict conditions apply to the return of adhesive.

  • Akothermal
    The adhesive consumption when mounting Akotherm strongly depends on the variant and the substrate. For Akotherm Basic D20 (20 kg/m³), you can count on a consumption of approximately 0.5 kg per square metre.  And for mounting Akotherm Basic D40 (40 kg/m³) at a consumption of max. 1 kg per square metre.  This also applies to Akotherm GG and Akotherm Facet, both also weigh 40 kg/m³.
  • Flamex
    The adhesive consumption when installing Flamex is between 0.25 and 0.5 kg per square metre for each variant. With one tube of Stauf you can mount ± 3 panels Flamex Facet (600 x 600 mm).
  • Isomat KE
    For gluing Isomat KE (on the jute side), the consumption is around 0.8 – 1.2 kg per square metre. Mounting Isomat at an angle or vertically also requires mechanical mounting.

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