Improving acoustics in healthcare

What's the problem? 
The problem of reverberation (also experienced as a short echo) is caused by the frequent use of hard materials in the interior. In many waiting and treatment rooms the interior is quite sober due to a hard floor, little furnishing and a lack of soft surfaces such as curtains and fabric furniture. Patients and healthcare staff experience poor intelligibility, often at risk of privacy.  

What is the solution?

In short: apply sufficiently soft or Absorbent, materials to hard reflective surfaces. There are various products and materials to make the acoustic climate pleasant. For example, you can think of creating more privacy by installing shielding panels from the Silent Office series. Shielding panels ensure that sound is spread less into the room. Placing absorbent materials under tables is not one of the solutions.

Products for walls

To reduce reflections from the walls, you can use, for example, Silent Office wall panels, Soundstone Baffles and various Flamex and Akotherm products. Covering one wall in your room for a third often already gives a special result.

Products for ceiling
To reduce reflections from the ceiling, especially in high spaces, you can think of products (materials) such as ceiling islands from Silent Office, Soundstone System ceiling plates and Baffles and various designs from the Flamex product range. 

What do I need to improve the acoustics?
When applying 50% of the floor area to acoustic products in the improvement can be called reasonable to good (example:   100 m² floor area, add at least 25 to 30 m² absorption surface). In practice, however, it appears that a percentage of 25 to 30% already gives sufficient improvement.

Sound-insulating doors
In addition to poor acoustics in healthcare institutions and doctors' practices, the access doors to the various rooms, such as the treatment, waiting and consulting room, are often a problem. Standard doors offer little privacy due to poor insulation values. In our range you will find high-quality doors made of wood and steel with insulation values of up to 47dB(a).

Below you will find the products for improving the acoustics in your practice room

  1. Akotherm Basic
    Akotherm Basic
    Acoustic filling
    • Polyester wool
    • Sound-absorbing, thermal insulating filling
    • Alternative to mineral wool types

    Starting at £6.59

    (incl. tax)
  2. Flamex Edge Acoustic Foam Panel
    Flamex Edge
    Acoustic Foam Panel
    • Reduces reverberation in a room
    • For wall and ceiling
    • Decorative edge of 45°

    Starting at £14.60

    (incl. tax)
  3. Soundstone
    Acoustic ceiling panel
    • White fibreglass coating
    • Suitable for suspended ceilings
    • Easy to customize

    Starting at £15.37

    (incl. tax)
  4. Akotherm Facet toegepast in een kantoorruimte
    Akotherm Edge
    Panel with faceted edge
    • Polyester wool
    • Sound-absorbing, thermal insulating panel
    • aesthetic look

    Starting at £16.63

    (incl. tax)
  5. Akotherm Basic D40 Geluidsabsorberende isolatie
    Akotherm Basic D40
    Sound -absorbent insulation
    • Polyester wool
    • Sound-absorbing, thermal insulating filling
    • Alternative to mineral wool types

    Starting at £16.86

    (incl. tax)
  6. Akotherm GG wit
    Akotherm SF
    Sound absorbing panel
    • High density of 40kg/m³
    • Double sided extra smooth finish
    • For indoor and outdoor

    Starting at £19.55

    (incl. tax)

Project guidance 
If you need help choosing products and applying them, we can help you in three ways:

  1. Contact us via the Contact page.  Email/App in advance or via the page at least three photos of the room to us.
  2. Visit the Shop. In this case, please bring some photos/drawings of space.
  3. Become a reverberation measurement carried out on site by one of our specialists and receive a report and a plan of action (a measurement is cost-free and is carried out exclusively with business customers).