Soundproofing & improving acoustics in healthcare

Soundproofing and acoustics in healtcare
The problem of reverberation (also experienced as a short of echo) is caused by the frequent use of hard materials in the interior. In many waiting and treatment rooms the interior is quite sober due to a hard floor, little furnishing and a lack of soft surfaces such as curtains and fabric furniture. Patients and healthcare staff experience poor intelligibility, often at risk of privacy.  

Improving the acoustics

In short: apply sufficiently soft and sound absorbent materials, acoustic panels, to hard reflective surfaces. There are various products and materials to make the acoustic climate more pleasant.

Products for walls

To reduce reflections from the walls, you can use, for example, various Flamex and Akotherm products. Covering one wall in your room for a about a quarter often already gives a good result.

Products for ceiling
To reduce reflections from the ceiling, especially in high spaces, you can think of products (materials) such as Akotherm SF, Flamex Edge and Flamex Basic. In rooms with a drop ceiling, or suspended ceiling, the Soundstone Ceiling Tiles, are a very good and easy to install option.

What do I need to improve the acoustics?
The rule of thumb for improving acoustics: If a room has about 100 m² of floor area, add at least 25 to 30 m² of acoustic panels to the rooms ceiling and/or walls. If you are not sure on how to go about, just let us know. Send an email with some photos of the room in question and we provide you with free advice and tips!

Soundproofing in healthcare
In addition to poor acoustics in healthcare institutions and doctors' practices, the access doors to the various rooms, such as the treatment, waiting and consulting room, are often a problem. Standard doors offer little privacy due to poor insulation values. Soundproofing a door is easy, we have a guide on how to do this. But you might be surprised what a drop seal can do in some cases. A big gap between the door and floor often leaks more sound, speech, then you might think. So consider a drop seal if this is the case! If the walls between different rooms are a problem, take a look on our page with solutions and products to soundproof walls and solve issues with suspended ceilings and pre-fab walls. And again, let us know if you have any questions!

Below you will find the products for improving the acoustics in your practice room

  1. Akotherm Basic
    Akotherm Basic
    Acoustic polyester wool filling
    • Polyester wool sound absorber
    • Basic room acoustics
    • Filling for acoustic panels

    Starting at £6.59

    (incl. tax)
  2. Akoestikon Acoustic Studs | 120 mm en 60 mm
    Akoestikon Acoustic Studs
    Soundproofing for wall and ceilings
    • Soundproofing for wall & ceiling
    • High insulation value
    • Easy to install

    Starting at £8.65

    (incl. tax)
  3. Soundstone
    Acoustic Panel & Ceiling Tiles
    • Improve room acoustics
    • Tiles, panels for suspended ceilings
    • Easy to cut, white fibreglass coating

    Starting at £15.37

    (incl. tax)
  4. Akotherm Edge to improve office acoustics
    Akotherm Edge
    Acoustic panel with faceted edge
    • High density Polyester wool
    • Sound-absorbing to improve acoustics
    • aesthetic look

    Starting at £16.63

    (incl. tax)
  5. Akotherm D40
    Akotherm Basic D40
    Basic Room Acoustics Panel
    • Polyester wool
    • Sound-absorbing & thermal insulation
    • Alternative to mineral wool types

    Starting at £16.86

    (incl. tax)
  6. Akotherm SF, white, 40 mm thick
    Akotherm SF
    Sound absorbing acoustic panel
    • For better acsoutics
    • Aesthetic smooth finish
    • Easy to install panels

    Starting at £19.55

    (incl. tax)
  7. Flamex Basic applied in a living room
    Flamex Basic
    Sound-absorbing panels & sheets
    • Acoustic melamine foam
    • Sound & Noise insulation
    • Improve room acoustics

    Starting at £20.72

    (incl. tax)
  8. Flamex Edge Acoustic Foam Panel
    Flamex Edge
    Acoustic Foam Panel
    • Reduces reverberation in a room
    • For wall and ceiling
    • Decorative edge of 45°

    Starting at £24.54

    (incl. tax)
  9. Isomat KE Fiber
    Isomat KE Fiber
    Mass Loaded Barrier Sheets
    • Heavy mass loaded vinyl
    • Noise insulation
    • Soundproof lightweight floor & wall

    Starting at £27.00

    (incl. tax)
  10. Cloud used in a children's room
    Akotherm Acoustic Panel
    Improve Acoustics with Cloud shapes
    • Sound-absorbing
    • Improve room acoustics 
    • Decorative Cloud shape

    Starting at £30.23

    (incl. tax)

Project guidance 
If you need help choosing products and applying them, we can help you in three ways:

  1. Contact us via the Contact page.  Email/App in advance or via the page at least three photos of the room to us.
  2. Visit the Shop. In this case, please bring some photos/drawings of space.
  3. Become a reverberation measurement carried out on site by one of our specialists and receive a report and a plan of action (a measurement is cost-free and is carried out exclusively with business customers).