Improving Acoustics in Homes

What is the problem?
Your home reverberates and it seems like loud sounds are being amplified, limiting intelligibility during visits or while being on the phone. Reverberation is caused by the use of (too many) hard materials in your living room, bedroom or other room in the house for that matter. That is why we have ready-made (and aesthetically pleasing) acoustic panels, baffles, sound absorbers and islands in our range especially against reverberation.

What is the solution?
You may be wondering: how much sound absorption should I add and where? This partly depends on your situation. You can read the full explanation on our Blog post. In short: the solution consists of applying soft and therefore sound-absorbing surfaces such as carpet, curtains and absorbing products that you can find in our webshop. The best places to install sound absorption are the walls and ceiling, the primary surfaces that reflect sound.

What do I need and how much do I need?
Placing 40% to 50% of the floor surface on top of sound-absorbing materials provides significantly better acoustics. However, we recommend to tackle the problem gradually. If you start by equipping about 30% of the floor area in your room with absorption materials, this should already lead to significant improvement. More sound absorption can always be added at a later stage.

Your living room has a floor area of 40 m². You have a leather sofa, laminate flooring, a carpet of 3 m² and 2 thick curtains of 4 m². In this case it will be wise to add at least 10 to 15 m² of absorption surface to the room. Do not install anything under tables or chairs, since the result of this is minimal. Parts of the walls and the ceiling are the right places for absorption panels.

Tips page
On our Tips page you will find an article with an extensive explanation about Reverberation control. If you have any questions or are unsure, please contact us via the Contact Page, and feel free to add some photos of your situation. 

Below you will find the products that are suitable for improving room acoustics:

  1. Akotherm GG wit
    Akotherm SF
    Sound absorbing panel
    • High density of 40kg/m³
    • Double sided extra smooth finish
    • For indoor and outdoor

    Starting at £19.55

    (incl. tax)
  2. Flamex Edge Acoustic Foam Panel
    Flamex Edge
    Acoustic Foam Panel
    • Reduces reverberation in a room
    • For wall and ceiling
    • Decorative edge of 45°

    Starting at £14.60

    (incl. tax)