Sound absorption

By placing sound absorption, you can ensure that the sound level in a room is reduced. The material also prevents sound reflections (reverberation), allowing you to improve the acoustics in a room. This makes a room sound better,

What is sound absorption?

When absorbing sound, sounds are absorbed into an absorption material (also called absorbed or attenuated). Some of that sound is converted into heat, the rest reflects back into space. Absorption materials can be made of foams such as flake foam, PU foam or melamine foam (Flamex) or of polyester wool (Akotherm) The 'openness' and thickness of the absorption material determines the absorption values (how much sound can be absorbed). The thicker the material or product, the higher the absorption values and the better the end result. The amount of square meters to be applied does not become much less with thicker material. It is intended to reduce areas of reflection.

For almost every application we have suitable sound absorption. For sound absorption to improve the acoustics in a room, so be placed in sight, we have high-quality, acoustic panels, acoustic plates, baffles and bass traps in our range.