Improving acoustics in the hospitality industry

Acoustics in restaurant, bar, club and pub
The problem of reverberation (also experienced as a short echo) is caused by the frequent use of hard materials in the interior. In many catering establishments such as restaurants, cafes, clubs and pubs, the acoustics are poor. Poor acoustics in this industry are particularly bad for business. Visitors experience poor intelligibility at the table, do not feel comfortable and miss an intimate atmosphere that is part of a night out, a return visit to the occasion is quickly lost. An investment in improving room acoustics therefore pays for itself.

How to improve the acoustics bar or restaurant
In most cases there is enough spaces available on the ceiling to mount acoustic panels. For clubs where (live)music is a selling point we advise to cover the ceiling for at least 50% with a panel between 40 and 50 mm thick. Flamex Edge and and Edge, are very suitable. These acoustic panels absorb the more lower frequencies too. Click on the image to see our guide on acoustics in bar, club and pub. Acoustics improved with black Akotherm Edge panels.

All of our products are easy to install with our fast-holding glue Stauf Extreme Tack. Mount absorbing panels throughout your venue so that the improvement of the acoustics is noticeable in the whole room.

In hospitality businesses, such as restaurants, the noise problem is mainly caused by medium and high frequencies, speech for instance. This makes selecting a product quite easy, since products with a thickness starting from 25 mm have sufficient absorption properties to absorb the higher frequencies, provided that you install enough square meters of acoustic panels. However, it remains true that thicker products absorb better, especially for medium and low frequencies.

What do I need to improve the acoustics?
When applying 60% of the floor area to acoustic products in your business, the improvement can be called reasonable to good. For example: with a 100 m² floor area, add at least 40 to 50 m² absorption surface. In practice, however, it appears that a percentage of 25 to 30% already gives a considerable improvement. We therefore recommend tackling the problem in one or two phases.

Acoustics under tables?
The application of sticking absorption material under tables is particularly moderate. This only has some effect if there are many and large tables and there is a lot of reflection of sound via the (hard) floor. A good approach is to mount absorption materials and products on walls and/or the ceiling. Do not concentrate in one place but spread it throughout the business.

Below you will find the products for improving the acoustics in your room


Project guidance 
If you need help choosing products and applying them, we can help you. Contact us via the Contact page. If you contact us via email or the contactpage include at least three photos of the room to us.