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Akotherm Basic

Acoustic polyester wool filling

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Akotherm Basic polyester wool, great alternative to traditional mineral wool. This type (Basic 20 kg/m³) is often placed out of sight, for example as cavity insulation, loudspeaker filling, thermal insulating of a boat, yacht or campervan. Akotherm is widely used as a filling in acoustic panels and even as a basic acoustic panel to improve acoustics in a production facility, factory and workplace. Very durable and excellent value for money!

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What it is and does:
Long fibres are made from recycled PET bottles, resulting in an extremely strong and dimensionally stable polyester wool, Akotherm. Akotherm is used for sound absorption and as a thermal insulation material. Akotherm Basic is the alternative to traditional mineral wools (glass and rock wool), this product does not itch. Due to the high absorption values, Akotherm Basic is also suitable for improving the acoustics in rooms where reverberation is a problem. 

Various types of Akotherm are available, each with their own areas of application. Akotherm Basic , with a density of 20 kg/m³, is used in situations where an aesthetic value is less important, some applications:

  • House.
  • Thermal insulation in a cavity wall or as filling between wooden floors.
  • Yacht and Shipbuilding.
    Between the frames of the ship's hull as thermal insulation and filling of cavities.
  • Machine engineering equipment.
    For absorbing sound in clean equipment and machine housings. Also as a thermal insulator.
  • Room acoustics for non-residential.
    For improving room acoustics in production halls, industrial areas, factories and workshops. See product photos.

Akotherm has excellent sound-absorbing and thermal properties and is kind to the skin. Contact with the polyester fibres does not cause an allergic reaction, skin irritation or respiratory problems. The material does not generate dust, contains no chemical binding agents and is 100% recyclable. Other properties of Akotherm Basic D20 are:

  • Fire class B, drip number D0.
  • Moisture and heat-resistant: -30 °C to 120 °C.
  • Shape stable.
  • Density: 20 kg/m³.
  • Colours: black and white.
  • Non self-adhesive.
  • Dimensions tolerances: max. 10%.

Assembly Tips
Use Stauf Extreme Tack for fixing Akotherm panels. You can easily cut this product to size with a sharp (ceramic) knife. Akotherm is mounted with the soft side against the substrate so the firm side becomes the visible side. Spread the Stauf adhesive from the corners towards the centre and spread the adhesive in the middle of the panel. With sufficient adhesive, the panel will bond directly to the substrate, no struts or clamps are necessary.

More about Akotherm
The tips page includes a comprehensive article about all Akotherm variants.

Free product sample
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Akotherm Basic - Ships

Acoustic polyester wool filling

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